November 27, 2005

Space Mtn

Space Mtn, free and legal mp3s available below

Sharply struck fuzzed-out guitars balanced by the yearn in Dina Waxman's vocal which is oh, so, slightly tinged with a Conor Oberst-like quaver. You can nearly feel the charisma of front woman, Dina Waxman, and that's a special trick to accomplish with your voice alone. The song, "Hovercraft", benefits from the spaces between the three players, and from the pop smarts of this promising trio.

Space Mtn are based in LA and they are Waxman [lead vocals and bass], Chris Jacks [guitar], and Andrew Platts [drums].

+ hovercraft
+ brightside
+ i die

Watch Space Mtn's video for "Oh" in quicktime here.
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  1. remarkable video, great pick. thanks!

  2. do you have the song so what?