December 15, 2005

Antony and the Johnsons - Free Music Downloads

Antony Hegarty: Free Mp3s available belowYou've no doubt heard of Antony by now--Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons--British born, US raised, the recent winner of UK's Mercury Prize for music. To be precise, for his album I Am A Bird Now, which I reviewed here. Some state that they have a hard time listening to Antony, something I cannot understand... what is it? Is it the open wound lyrics, the raw otherworldly voice? On first hearing Antony I was taken aback, but was instantly fascinated. Repeated listening and the tracking down of his album, I Am A Bird Now, quickly wore away the awe of first hearing him. But that feeling returned last spring when I saw him perform live, it was the same sensation although much stronger. I have never felt so overpowered by a voice. In my mind, in my memory of the show, I can't recall the music, just Antony's voice. If you get the chance to see him... go.

Here is arguably the best track from I Am A Bird Now...
+ hope there's someone

also from the album...
+ you are my sister [edit]

And these are the first songs of Antony's which I heard, both fantastic, but I prefer the first (well, River of Sorrow is also great)...

+ cripple and the starfish
+ river of sorrow


Label: secretly canadian

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  1. I think Cripple and Starfish might be my favorite Antony song, after I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy. There is decent backlash from some who see C and S as promoting gay on gay violence. Antony does like riffing on pain.