January 21, 2006

The Lovely Feathers: New Album Coming + MP3s

The Lovely Feathers: Free MP3s:::photo by Lilly Gulycz

Montreal's The Lovely Feathers are excited to announce the release of their debut album, Hind Hind Legs, out May 2nd on Canadian indie label Equator. The band recorded Hind Hind Legs at Studio Plateau in Montreal, working with a diverse team which included producer Jimmy Shaw (Metric guitarist), engineer Drew Malamud (whose credits include Sum41, The Dears, Death From Above 1979 and Stars), and mixer John O’Mahony (Jimi Hendrix, System of a Down, Matt Pond PA).

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*Sixeyes contacted the band and guitarist/vocalist, Mark Kupfert, filled me in on what the band's been up to:

"Since coming off the road we put the finishing touches on the album. The album has been basically done since August, but there were a few small things. The album will be released in the first week of April and it will have 5 re-recordings of songs off the My Best Friend Daniel demo and 8 new ones. Awaiting the release, some of us are finishing school (me), working at part-time jobs and visiting girlfriends in South Korea (Daniel is in Seoul visiting his girlfriends' family while teaching English). He'll be back we hope. During the next three months, we hope to demo out our new songs, so that we're ready to record our next album in the summer. Funny, thinking that our record hasn't come out yet, and we're pondering the next one already. That's what happens when songs are with you for too fuckin long. Next album will hopefully take less than 8 months to be released."

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Before touring this spring (stay tuned for dates), The Lovely Feathers will gear up to film the video for their first single, “Frantic”.

*Sixeyes hopes that these demo mp3s will stir a similar Arctic Monkeys/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah mania for this outstanding Montreal band. Here are some mp3s from the 2004 demo recording, My Best Friend Daniel to get the ball rolling...

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  1. Thanks for posting these! I saw them play with Metric in the fall and love love love them. Now I just hope their tour stops somewhere in Virginia...

  2. This is fantastic news! I was never able to obtain a copy of "My Best Friend Daniel," so hopefully this will see a US release.

  3. Anonymous2:04:00 PM

    My Best Friend Daniel cost me a small fortune to import to England but it was worth every penny.The Lovely Feathers deserve the hype,a few more decent bloggers pushing them and they might get as you say some artic monkeys mania.

  4. phlowtron4:03:00 PM

    this is great stuff. reminds me alot of the unicorns. both from montreal. hmmm...

  5. Anonymous5:45:00 PM

    I like it but if you are in contact with the band you should suggest they fix the ID3 tags on their mp3s. BTW - thanks for all the new tunes over the last few months.

  6. Anonymous12:42:00 PM

    amazing. thanks so much for your site. it is ambrosia for music lovers!