January 21, 2006

Sounds Familyre: FREE MP3s

Sounds Familyre is a tiny indie label. Located in New Jersey it began in 1999 when Daniel Smith needed an outlet to release his own recording under the name Danielson Famile.

These are free and legal mp3s of Sounds Familyre artists...

Wovenhand + Sparrow Falls
Wovenhand + My Russia
Wovenhand + White Bird
Br. Danielson + Things Against Stuff
Br. Danielson + Daughters Will Tune You
Dan Zimmerman+ Either/Or
Half-handed Cloud + To Love Like The Father & Son Love Each Other
Half-handed Cloud + We're Very Greatly Loved
Lenny Smith + I Saw a Mighty Angel
The Singing Mechanic +Dying to be Social
Soul-Junk + 3 Facinating Smells
Soul-Junk + Corinth
Soul-Junk + Hogging All the Islands


  1. phlowtron2:45:00 PM

    friendly with the folks at asthmatic kitty. you know, sufjan stevens, jason brouwer, et al.

  2. Anonymous7:26:00 PM

    nice selections!