May 01, 2006


I get a lot of CDs in the mail. They pile up and make a mess (ok, I make the mess) and it's about time I shared some of the music people stick in envelopes and put in the post for little ol' me. If I had a couple of contributors, perhaps there would be more reviews showing up on this page, but I'm the only one. So, here's a little info and an mp3 (or two) from some of the jewel boxes messing up my place.


John Ralston - Needle Bed, the Florida-based artist's debut, will arrive via Vagrant Records on June 6th... and it's straight-up, sharp sounding indie pop/rock.

+ i believe in ghosts
+ gone gone gone


Maritime - This Flameshovel band has pedigree on it's side: Davey von Bohlen and Dan Didier were half of The Promise Ring, and Eric Axelson wielded the bass with The Dismemberment Plan. After those seminal bands were spent, dried up, blew their wad?, these three men assembled as Maritime. We The Vehicles, their latest, landed in stores April 18th.

+ parade of punk rock t shirts
+ calm


Ohsees - Led by former member of the Coachwhips, John Dwyer, the Ohsees traffic in airy DIY bedroom pop with a decided folk bent... BUT this band records their vocals in a way that I can't stomach, they're way off in another room (on most of the tracks). And adding to the vocal annoyance is the annoying voice of Dwyer himself. BUT, the music isn't bad, so give it a listen, you may like what I don't. The Cool Death of Island Raiders will be out on Narnack Records.

+ broken stems


The Submarines - Out on June 20th, The Submarines Declare A New State delivers 10 tracks of stately indie pop bearing marshmallowy vocals.

+ peace and hate


Mary Kate O'Neill - The New York based [via Boston] singer/songwriter gives us her latest 1-800-Bankrupt on May 2nd. She got's some friends helping her out on this record, one being Nada Surf's Matthew Caws who adds vocals and guitar. It's quirky and above average pop... another talent that's still under the radar.

+ stay
+ things are too good (they're bound to go bad)


Russian Circles - This Chicago based instrumental trio will unveil their full length debut, Enter, on Flameshovel Records [May 16th]. The trio of Mike Sullivan [guitar], Colin DuKuiper [bass], and drummer Dave Turncrantz, bring an array of influences to their 6 track debut.

+ death rides a horse


Scott Solter - Acclaimed sound engineer who has been behind the scenes of many spectacular indie albums [John Vanderslice, Mountain Goats, Court and Spark, amongst others] , Solter offers his second full length on Tell All Records. Titled One River, it is ambient soundscapes assembled from processed guitars for the most part. As soothing as the river in the album's symbolic title.

+ antique brothers

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