June 29, 2006


photo by jim newberry

Kevin Tihista is described as a reclusive genius, well, he's pretty damn reclusive to me - I've never seen the guy once! The genius half of the description may be apt, but I tend to follow the axiom it takes one to know one, so here I am flapping in the wind on this one.

Tihista has released the album, Wake Up Captain, under the name Kevin Tihista's Red Terror, although it is mostly just him and him alone. Listen to this track a couple of times at least... it's stirring up some memories in me, of other songs I mean, but for the life of me I can't put a finger on what those songs are.

from the album Wake Up Captain
+ oh [mp3]

Wake Up Captain and more can be downloaded at eMusic and you can get 25 free downloads right here.

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