June 29, 2006

JF Robitaille: The Blood In My Body EP: Review

JF Robitaille
The Blood In My Body EP
[Rhythmbank Records - April 2006]
*Sixeyes Score: 7.5 out of 10

A Review by David Reis

JF Robitaille was heading Montreal's The Social Register (*Sixeyes previous post on The Social Register) and after he had won a Montreal International Music Award, JF decided to sign a solo record deal with Rhythmbank Records. Apparently he made the right choice. Musically it's dulcet and remarkable. The songs are composed immovably in the typical tradition, easily recognized songforms delivered by his acoustic guitar, evoking Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Nick Drake. They're fertilized by an unlimited melodic invention and meet an emotional essence in Robitaille's warm, lugubrious vocals. It is also an uncommon occasion when a record can be both intensely wistful and inspiring at the same time. The Blood In My Body has it all. Of course Robitaille´s poetic skills remains the preponderant ingredient, but when a female voice in "Love the Lie" and "Morning after Morning" softly breaks through it gets unexpectedly more intense and addictive. Audaciously catchy, lyrically loaded and penetrating, this elegiac set of songs are the sweet proof of an elegant marriage of poetry and refined folk.

+ love the lie

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