August 28, 2006

Matt Friedberger: The Younger

Fiery Furnace and newbie solo artist, Matt Friedberger, played in a few bands before teaming with his sister, Eleanor, to form the Fiery Furnaces. The bands Corndolly, Mezzanines, and Liquorette all boasted Friedberger's obvious talents, but, as far as I know, Liquorette was truly Friedberger's baby. He was the lead singer and main songwriter and the fact that he was lead singer surprises me, as I once had the feeling he was hiding behind his sister's distinctive voice in the Fiery Furnaces... that illusion now laying shattered at the feet of his double disc solo album, Holy Ghost Language and Winter Women and these two Liquorette songs from Matt Friedberger, the younger.

liquorette - from the album When You Work I Sleep
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+ don't quit your job, joan
+ santa claus
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Matt Friedberger
+ do you like blondes
+ under the hood at the paradise garage

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the fiery furnaces
+ benton harbor blues
+ quay cur
You'll find more Fiery Furnaces here, mostly live and/or radio sessions.

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  1. Anonymous3:20:00 PM

    very cool post, where'd you find those songs from his other bands?

  2. Thanks. both mp3s are found on parasol is a label itself, as well as a distributor and home for these smaller labels.
    • About
    • In The Pipe (coming soon)
    • Action Musik
    • Hidden Agenda
    • Martians Go Home
    • Mud
    • Parasol
    • Reaction
    • Spur
    • The Swedish Sound

    You can buy the Liquorette album, which is on the MUD label, through the parasol site.