December 04, 2006


I want to thank Sebastian Krueger for getting in touch to let me know about his music and his new EP, Vestibule.

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If you love the beautiful and sad, such as November rocks huddled like abandoned eggs on the beach, then the music of Inlets may satisfy your craving. Another in a growing line of talented bedroom auteurs, Inlets' Sebastian Krueger works the same organic farm as fellow midwesterner, Sufjan Stevens. And he also summons comparisions to another young precocious musician, Owen Pallett a.k.a. Final Fantasy. Only twenty-four years old, Brooklyn based Krueger earns some scratch playing with the band My Brighest Diamond (asthmatic kitty), but he obviously would like to carve out his own creative niche as a songwriter and performer, although he needs your help. You know, you're the ones with the ears and the craving for new music. So, here are some songs from Inlets latest EP, Vestibule, and a link to the free download of that EP at Luvsound, plus the credits for this latest effort. All you've got to do is spread the word about Inlets and their music.

decks, up and above [mp3] - link expired

GO here to download the entire EP.

Vestibule EP Tracklist and Credits:
Pictures of Trees
Decks, Up and Above
See Her, Seer
Roots on Sidewalks
Sunfed Shapes
You Are an Effigy

All music by Sebastian Krueger with:
Marla Hansen - Viola on See her, Pictures, and Decks. Voice on See her.
Sam Bair - Trap kit and drum engineering on Pictures, Sunfed, Effigy.
Nathan Lithgow - Electric bass on Sunfed, Effigy.
Brett Sroka - Trombone on See her, and Sunfed.
and special assistance from Brandon Krueger, Shara Worden,
Erik Schoster, Kevin Gipson.

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