December 01, 2006

Doveman: "Honey" and more

Doveman is a band and Doveman are:

Thomas Bartlett (pictured above)--voice, piano, wurlitzer, pump organ, harmonium--founding member of Assembly, sometime member of Elysian Fields, Chocolate Genius, and Mike Doughty's band.

Sam Amidon--banjo, guitar--founding member of Assembly, star of the film "American Wake", aspiring sumo wrestler.

Dougie Bowne--drums, guitar--drummer for Iggy Pop, Chris Whitley, The Lounge Lizards, Cassandra Wilson, and Porn Buddhist.

Jacob Danziger--electronics, violin--founding member of flashpapr and City Cricket, sometime member of Saturday Looks Good To Me, and His Name is Alive.

Shahzad Ismaily--drums, guitar--doesn't really play with anyone other than Doveman.

On the band's site are two tracks from their album, 'THE ACROBAT', one of them is titled "Honey". What does it sound like? Well... take early Tom Waits circa Closing Time and The Heart of Saturday Night, Nick Cave's atmospheric keyboard-ripe masterpieces, and a dash of Iron & Wine's gauzy vocals (imagine I & W's Sam Beam with a wider range and more forceful delivery), this is Doveman on the song, "Honey". Some tinkling percussion meets the contrast of a banjo's warm friendly twang and the cool ivory plinking of piano to carry a lovely, lovely melody decorated with silver trinkets. Tasteful baubles draped around throat, dangling from ears, and tugging at wrist; a melody which shows just enough skin to spark the imagination. It's the 'Pink Moon album Nick Drake' with an American whisper and technicolor vista supplanting Drake's British greys, blacks, and whites... listen...

+ honey

BUY Doveman music here... insound, itunes, cdbaby, midheaven, or the swim slowly store.

Go here to read the *Sixeyes interview with Thomas Bartlett.

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*visit the doveman site for more music.


  1. It's a little bit of an misstatement to say that Shahzad Ismaily doesn't play with anyone else -- I first encountered Shahzad when he was touring with Mike Doughty last year and become something of a Shahzad Ismaily fan -- in addition to touring with Mike Doughty, Shahzad also plays with Burnt Sugar, Barbez, and Badawi.

  2. hey fuzzy. thanks for leaving a comment!
    the band members descriptions are right off of the doveman website, i should have made that clear.

    thanks for the additional info.

  3. Nice to hear yet more banjos. Seems to be the theme emerging from tonight's blogging, but I'm pleased - I don't leave home without mine. Beau-ty-full arrangements, and I'm liking the singing. Just the notes and some atmosphere - no grandstanding ! Look forward to an album...

  4. Anonymous7:22:00 PM

    I remember you posted Doveman a while back and I fell in love with Honey, Dancing, and the cover of La Cienga.

    It's funny how Bartlett's voice doesn't seem to hit the right notes all that well yet either way it soothes me.

  5. "It's funny how Bartlett's voice doesn't seem to hit the right notes all that well yet either way it soothes me."

    What are the right notes? (wooOOOooo I'm so deep.)

  6. Anonymous12:27:00 PM

    i think the doveman bio about shazad must probably be a joke since his bio is pretty much a who's who of downtown ny improv scene. pretty sure sam amidon is also a member of stars like fleas who i haven't heard but seem to see mentioned a lot lately. either way, doveman is great.