April 16, 2007

The Child Ballads

I wrote this back in late November of 2005:

The promising band, Jonathan Fire*Eater, was made up of vocalist Stewart Lupton (above right), keyboardist Walter Martin, guitarist Paul Maroon, drummer Matt Barrick, and bassist Tom Frank. When they called it quits, Martin, Barrick, and Maroon reformed with Hamilton Leithauser to become The Walkmen. But what became of Stewart Lupton, JF*E's lead singer? It turns out he is still singing and writing, evidenced by the recent signing of his new band The Child Ballads to British label Loog Records.

The new band is comprised of D.C. native Stewart Lupton (vocals, guitar), Betsy Wright (vocals, wurlitzer, farfisa, violin), Hugh McIntosh (Drums), Tunde Oyewole (Bass), and Judah Bauer (Guitar).

Loog Records will release the Child Ballads track, "Cheekbones", as a single next month. In this song Lupton exercises a subdued drawl that recalls Mick Jagger as New Yorker. Lupton's singing is extremely appealing and is, rightly so, front and center in the mix, surrounded by the 60's urban jangle of the supporting players. A very nice little teaser for the promised early 2006 release on British imprint Loog Records. I am looking forward to this release as I loved the JF*E song, "When The Curtain Calls For You".

A few days ago I was browsing my music files for something to post and saw that Child Ballads song, "Cheekbone Hollows". I posted it (again) and subsequently got a question about the band. This prompted me to go searching for them online and I found a few things: their website is no longer functioning, their myspace is up-to-date, and they've finally released a recording on Loog Records. It's a six song EP called Cheekbone Hollows (pop. 1/2 life). I haven't had a lot of time with the songs, but it's what I would call a 'grower'. It needs time to find a home in the listener, although it's not difficult music... but then again, it certainly isn't lightweight radio pap either. Joining Lupton in the band are bassist Tunde Oyewole, Paul Arfield (rhythm guitar), John Melville (drums), Betsy Wright (keyboards, viola, vocals), Hugh MacIntosh (drums), and Judah Bauer (lead guitar).

laughter from the rafters

BUY the album.
The album is currently only available in the UK (I believe).

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  1. They're just a couple rehearsals away from greatness. T. Rex lives!