June 22, 2007

The Veils @ Grand Emporium, Kansas City MO | Photos

Wow! Another set of photos from a Veils concert... this one from Kansas City MO. A special thanks to photographer Scott Spychalski for sharing these shots. These were taken in the 'ladies' at the venue, it turns out that Scott took hundreds of shots, but because of the abysmal lighting only one turned out. Yeah, he couldn've used a flash, but with all the photos he took the band would now be blind. So, the ever gracious Finn Andrews offered to play a short acoustic set in the blue-tiled bathroom, which is what you see here.

Yeah, this is the only shot that turned out from the live performance on stage. I, for one, hope that Scott gets another crack at these guys on stage.


  1. Anonymous3:19:00 PM

    These photos are amazing - I've been following Scott's photography on his Flickr page for quite some time, and have seen some of his outstanding photos published on other sites, etc. In my opinion, his shots of bands, musicians, and gigs blow away most photos in publications such as Rolling Stone, NME, Spin, etc. His vision goes beyond just shots on stage, he really catches the "WOW" moments.

  2. Anonymous10:16:00 PM

    Sixeyes rules The Veils. Thanks for the support you guys!

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