July 23, 2007

Released: July 24th

Yep, the new John Vanderslice effort, Emerald City, shows up on shelves tomorrow (I'll bet some indie stores have got it front and center already). You should buy it for many reasons:

1. It's a beautiful collection of songs.
2. It'll complete the set you've already acquired.
3. It's the most attractive CD package I've seen in a long while.
4. If you've got to pick one from this list, hell, it's a no-brainer.
5. And once again, JV's record has been produced by the very talented Scott Solter.

07/24/07 Alamo Race Track Black Cat John Brown Minty Fresh
07/24/07 Circus Devils Sgt. Disco Ipecac
07/24/07 John Vanderslice Emerald City Barsuk - white dove [mp3]
07/24/07 Oliver Future Pax Futura Transit of Venus/Fireproof
07/24/07 Tegan and Sara The Con Vapor/Sanctuary
07/24/07 Tiny Vipers Hands Across The Void Sub Pop
07/24/07 Will Stratton What The Night Said Stunning Models On Display

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