June 02, 2004

'The Slow Wonder' - on the shelves June 8th

A.C. Newman, a.k.a. Carl Newman, the pop music magician (I rarely use the accolade - genius)and main man behind The New Pornographers, will release his first solo disc in the coming days. This will be a better summer then we could even hope for - Newman's music was and is perfect for summer nights or those drives to the beach with sunscreen plastering your vintage 'I'm With Stupid' t-shirt to your fish belly-white back.
Tour dates have been announced beginning in July on the American west coast and wending it's way into my neck of the woods in August with dates in Hamtramck, MI, and Toronto, ON, on the 7th and 8th respectively. All the tour info and more can be found on his website including streaming audio of 'Miracle Drug' and 'Drink To Me Babe Then'. Free mp3's can be had here.

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