June 01, 2004

coffee and cigarettes

I saw Jim Jarmusch's new film 'Coffee and Cigarettes'about a week ago at the Cumberland in Toronto's tony Yorkville district. The movie only works in fits and starts - and this is to be expected as it is made up of a series of shorts - each featuring different actors. Of all the pairings - the one I most looked forward to seeing was Tom Waits and Iggy Pop. Sadly... they didn't click and the scene is mediocre at best. The best by far was the closing vignette between Taylor Mead and Bill Rice - maybe it was their anonymity in a cast of household names and faces - or maybe it was their years of inexperience (both are over 70), or possibly, could it be, that they were just a helluva lot funnier?

Overall - an entertaining film, which at the time I wished would go on - now in retrospect, I believe I was just wanting and hoping for that one great sequence... which never came.

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