December 27, 2004


When Ryan Weber (bass) found himself stuck beside Brian Zimmerman (drums) and just ahead of William Seidel (guitar) on a school bus in 1992, the three decided, within 30 minutes, they were going to form a band. Over the years they have all or part been in many bands including Camden and The Promise Ring, all based out of Milwaukee.

In 2001 Decibully began to take shape as Seidel, Kenneth Seibert (guitar), and Nick Westphal (keyboards) began working together. When Ryan Weber returned from England, where he had been recording with The Promise Ring, the three invited him to join. After adding Justin Klug (bass) and Promise Ring guitarist, Jason Gnewikow on drums, they eventually did some touring and recording, releasing their debut CD - You Might Be a Winner, You May Be a Loser, But You'll Always Be a Gambler.

When Gnewikow moved to New York following TPR's break-up, Adam Vold stepped behind the kit, along with Eric Holliday on banjo. After a few months of work on the new record, Westphal was out and Nicholas Sanborn (keyboards, guitar) was in.
'City of Festivals', the recording they were working on, was released October 2003.

Sounding something like a cross between Summerteeth era Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie with Seidel's strong falsetto soaring through it all, here's some mp3s...

*Go here for a hidden microsite at Polyvinyl Records offering 4 'City Of Festivals' tracks

... from 'You Might Be aWinner...'
+ do i?
+ i am the bug

*also rising from the ashes of TPR are the bands New Sense and Maritime.

*Decibully band site

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  1. Thanks for posting that. Those were some really pretty songs.