April 09, 2005


jason collett - photo by Catherine Stockhausen

Jason Collett has a good label home alongside Broken Social Scene and it's arms and legs (apostle of hustle, stars, feist, valley of giants). His 2004 release, Motor Motel Love Songs [Arts and Crafts Productions ], was dramatically overshadowed by Broken Social Scene's 2002 late bloomer, You Forgot It In People, and it's resulting hype-fest (deserved I might add). But Collett's work should not be pushed aside, it demands (in it's own tasteful, muted 'colours-and-tones'way) to be listened to.

motor motel love songs

The song, "It Won't Be Long", gives me the impression of fellow Toronto musician, Hawksley Workman, but with Workman's flair for the dramatic, his explosive voice, held in tight check, the reins cutting furrows into the driver's hands. Another artist Collett brings to mind is a favourite of mine, LA singer/songwriter, Gus Black; who also possesses a warmth in his voice and an obvious talent at penning memorable melodies that slip unnoticed through the back door to make themselves at home on your lumpy couch.

+ it won't be long
*courtesy music.download.com

**sometracks can be streamed here at maplemusic.com

jason collett
arts and crafts

Gus Black + tomorrow man (acoustic)
from gusblack.com

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