August 22, 2005

DLTM by John Vanderslice

The talented indie musician/analog studio mogul, John Vanderslice, is the first to author this new semi-regular series (if I'm lucky), Don't Listen to Me. The idea behind the title being that a musician, like all musicians, who wants you to listen to his music, is saying, "Don't listen to me, listen to this...".

But of course you should listen to John Vanderslice, seeing how tomorrow is August 23rd, the release date of Pixel Revolt. But to listen, first you should buy.
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Here are JV's exclusive picks... my advice is to heed his.

The Kinks: Arthur, or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire
Funny and sarcastic concept record from the Kinks, circa 1971. Written by Ray Davies for a British TV series that never got made. Anything they did within 5 years of this record is worth owning. [Buy]
Eric Dolphy: Out to Lunch
Dolphy plays alto, flute, and the wonderful bass clarinet on this landmark jazz album. Recorded in 1964 by the great Rudy van Gelder. [Buy]
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm Section
Red Garland, Philly Joe Jones, and Paul Chambers join Pepper for these historic 1957 recordings. Pepper, knee-deep in drug problems, is backed by Miles Davis's players. Unreal. [Buy]
Tom Waits, Real Gone
I'm surprised this record hasn't gotten more attention from hardcore fans, as it may be his strongest in years. the record ends with a beautiful anti-war ballad, "Day After Tomorrow."
"Hows's It Gonna End?" from Real Gone
Podcasts of Harry Shearer's "Le Show"
Harry Shearer, AKA Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap, AKA Burns, Smithers, Otto, etc on The Simpsons, has been doing his show out of KCRW for 21 years. Strange, gutsy, and funny as hell.
Xiu Xiu, La Foret
Xiu Xiu's fractured follow-up to one of my favorite records of last year, Fabulous Muscles.
"Bog People" from La Foret "I Broke Up(SJ)" from Knife Play "Clowne Towne" from Fabulous Muscles
XTC: Drums and Wires
Fantastic post-punk album from 1979. Probably my favorite of their early, looser recordings. Produced by Steve Lillywhite and engineered by Hugh Padgham. [Buy]
Podcasts of On the Media from WNYC
Excellent public radio show that examines the tepid Iraq/Afghanistan coverage from US media and abroad.
On The Media Homepage
Lisa Germano: Slide
An understated masterpiece. This recording (by Tchad Blake) shows me how much meaning and possibility can be conveyed by using/misusing audio gear. Every instrument is treated, effected, and warped. Drums are heavily gated and impossibly compressed, baritone guitars and pump organs churn and wheeze. Slide sounds like the lyrics: claustrophobic, lonely, and depressed. [Buy]
Podcasts of KQED's Forum hosted by Michael Krasny
Just this week, Michael's had on David Boies, Harvey Pekar, Diane Ackerman, Malcom Gladwell, and Studs Terkel. The hour-long shows are simple one-on-one conversations with caller questions near the end.
Forum Homepage

*Album Downloads
Tom Waits' Real Gone
Xiu Xiu's La Foret
Eric Dolphy
Lisa Germano
You can find many of these albums and artists at emusic. Visit through the emusic advertising link in the sidebar.


  1. Anonymous3:56:00 AM

    Are there any free downloads or streams of Lisa Germanos Slide?

  2. Well, Anon,
    I guess you checked emusic, although they have two of her albums they don't have Slide. I don't know of any free and legal downloads of this album, or any illegal ones either, sorry.

  3. Anonymous9:57:00 PM

    *blink* 'I Broke Up (SJ)' is from Knife Play, not Fabulous Muscles.

  4. Janey- That was my mistake, not John's. That's for pointing it out.