December 26, 2005

Boxing Day: Free MP3s

spoon + my first time ever vol 3 demo
spoon + sister jack piano demo
headlights + tokyo
saturday looks good to me + meet me by the water
audible + stay warm
light sleeper + pop song
light sleeper + febrile in february
tigerella + tide pool
the haywards + god walks [low res]
the haywards + st. patricks rain [lr]
the haywards + sloop john w [lr]
the haywards + post [lr]
the boy least likely to + little donkey


  1. Hey, I'm REAL curious to know how you found out about The Haywards!

  2. hello pilot - not sure. i was probably looking at the label tokyo rose and found the mp3s. i am addicted to downloading mp3s and liked what i heard. so here they are for everyone to hear.