December 27, 2005

Sound Team: New EP Released

Sound Team: Free MP3s

*this is a repost from September 4th, mostly because Sound Team has their EP, Work, being released today, December 27th. And also, the band has made another mp3 from the new record available.*

Sound Team have the 'spooky synths, ringing bells, and swaying organs' sound down pat... on these songs at least. Seeing as these are the only mp3s I've heard I'll have to go out on an limb and say that this is the core of the Austin, Texas band's sound... and it's a good sound, lot's of atmosphere created by the instruments and the air between them. With the release of Work the band is sure to start popping up all over the indie music network.

Band members are: Matt Oliver, Sam Sanford, Jordan Johns, Bill Baird, Michael Baird, and Gabe Pearlman. This is from their bio: "Sound Team is Bill Baird, Matt Oliver, Sam Sanford, Jordan Johns, Gabe Pearlman, and Bill’s younger brother Michael. Four of the six group members attended the same high school in San Antonio, TX, where they played music in several different loud music bands. Now aged 21 to 27, they’ve been actively and energetically touring as a six piece for a little over two years now.

Bill Baird and Matt Oliver met in Austin in 2001, when each was a sideman in one of the many pick-up groups playing the beer-joints around town. They formed a partnership, and immediately began recording crazy songs on cheap gear that drew inspiration out of everything from traditional American folk and pop song forms to German synthesizer music.

In 2002 Baird asked his younger brother Michael and Michael’s friend Jordan Johns (both of whom were still in high school at the time), and his old friend Sam Sanford if they’d like to make a band. After playing a handful of shows in various performance spaces and punk dives, Gabe Pearlman enlisted and the lineup was solidified by early 2003."

Sound Team: Free Mp3s

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  1. Anonymous3:33:00 PM

    weird. i was wondering how long it was before these guys showed up on a blog.
    being from austin, I can tell you sound team is INCREDIBLE. they allegedly signed a 5 record deal with Capitol and are in the process of recording their first. they previously toured a bit with the Walkmen and they'll be playing a show (and after party show) at ACL fest. wait till you hear their other stuff. very good.

  2. Anonymous8:05:00 AM

    Second link needs to be fixed (it's'sobviouswhat'shappeninghere.mp3 )

  3. Anonymous8:31:00 AM

    Hey, I have been downloading from you like a madman for quite some time now. Thanks!

  4. thanks guys - for the broken link heads up and for mikeypod liking the music.

    I forgot to check the sound team links - often in blogger if a link has an apostrophe in it, it will break at the apostrophe. And that's what happened. It's fixed now.