April 14, 2014

Alice Boman: New Song "What" with Video

 It's fantastic to hear new Alice Boman music, fantastic as it hasn't lost it's unique personality while still being a more 'hi-tech record' (she's moved on from intimate home recordings to a cabin in the woods).

 Alice came to us as a soft baby bird you gather in your hands, watching it easily settle into it's new nest of fingers, skin and bone. That soft baby bird is still there, you can almost feel the feathers blossoming from her lips with a voice of quiet aching and wanting. Buttressed by an everpresent piano, her new song,"What", will give you shivers, blue shivers, up and down your willing spine. And feathers to tickle your blues away, or keep it company until the sun comes up.


 Alice's new EP, titled simply EP II, will be available June 3 via The Control Group in North America, Adrian Recordings in Scandinavia and Happy Death throughout the rest of Europe.

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