December 21, 2005

Indie Label: 125 Records

125 Records: Free MP3s

125 Records is a small indie label located in Northern California. Now that doesn't sound too amazing, or unique, does it? But get this, Regis Philbin is, in a roundabout way, connected to this high quality indie imprint. Yes... that Regis Philbin. How, you ask? Well, label head Joe Mallon travelled to New York a touch over five years ago and while there spent some intense time with the television personality. In fact they sat face to face and talked about trivial things for some time. This interaction was brought to an abrupt end when Joe Mallon said enough was enough and he'd take the $125,000 and run. That's right, Mallon was on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and he took his winnings five years ago and started 125 Records.

Anton Barbeau
+ the horny old ballad of tracy shellac
+ my special table
+ sula2
+ grapes on a plate
+ sweet creature, what's your name?
+ king of missouri
+ boys are lazy, girls are crazy
+ choir above fire below
+ free berkshire [demo]
+ it's that sort of town [demo]
Jill Olson
+ Icy sparks
+ my best yesterday
+ conquer the world
John Sharples
+ mind's eye
+ the main thing
+ that's just part of my charm
Bella Da Gama
+ the mozart defect
+ the three cornered world
The Loud Family
+ deee-pression - live
+ don't respond, she can tell - live
Jill Tracy
+ evil night together
Paula Carino
+ tip of the iceberg

anton barbeau
jill tracy
john sharples
jill olson
[info on the other artists can be found at 125 Records]


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