December 21, 2005

The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit: Free MP3

British band, The Duke Spirit, have been getting a dose of press buzz lately and as usual this piqued my interest enough that I began searching for a sample of their sound online. I didn't have any luck that day, but, lo and behold, an mp3 showed up in my inbox today. Now a few names have been bandied about in the mainstream press regarding The Duke Spirit's frontwoman, Liela Moss, namely... Patti Smith. There are some similarities vocally in this song, "Cuts Across The Land", although if this was a Patti Smith track it would be one of those forgettable ones from an album like Wave. This isn't a bad song, although it doesn't deserve any hype other than that from publicists. I can't judge the band by this one song, but I can judge the hype and it's overblown. This is the song the label thinks will put this band on the map, although in this case they'll need a couple more songs, or pointy tacks, to keep them from sliding off the map.

+ cuts across the land

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