January 16, 2006

Great Lake Swimmers: Free MP3s

Toronto based quintet, Great Lake Swimmers, make their American label home at Misra Records, which has thankfully released, stateside, the band's 2003 self-titled debut. For a band that's still relatively unknown, they have drawn some lofty praise from the European press:

'Beautiful bittersweet, drifting, late summer melancholia' **** Mojo

'Dekker squares the circle between Nick Drake, early Neil Young and Will Oldham' **** Uncut

Led by singer/songwriter, Tony Dekker, whose melancholy vocals seemingly float above the music, Great Lake Swimmers are a rustic, pioneer orchestra drifting across a wilderness lake, with Dekker's vocal the devoted missionary sent forth to gather in those that have lost touch or faith in the Holy Trinity mentioned above by Uncut magazine.

Sounding like a rural choirboy who has grown up and out of boyhood and into a neighbourhood of ethereal folk, inhabiting a country of alternative flavours -- Dekker describes the band this way:
"We are basically a quiet, alt-country flavored, independent band who play thoughtful, shaky folk music," says Dekker. "Come and see us if you'd like to have a quiet night out." -- From this article by Michelle Lobkowicz.

From their most recent work, 2005's Bodies and Minds...
+ Various Stages
+ Bodies and Minds

From 2004's S/T debut...
+ Moving Pictures Silent Films
+ I Will Never See the Sun
+ moving, shaking
+ three days at sea

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weework records - Canadian label
fargo records - European label

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Great Lake Swimmers can be downloaded from eMusic... both releases are available... go here to look into their Free Trial offering 50 free downloads.

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