January 08, 2006

Hello SPAM Commenters

Yes, you know who you are. The nice folks out there who leave their spam comments all over blogs like a rabbit drops it's pellets. This is just to let you know that 'Comment Moderation' was enabled on this blog a week or two ago. That means that each and every comment is seen by me before it is published on *sixeyes, or rejected, as is the case with any spam comments I find. *All the welcome comments will also be seen by me first, so they may not appear for some time, but if they are not spam they likely will show up in due course.

Thanks to all who leave non-spam comments and F.U. to all spammers. Sorry, for the foul acronym, but I am pissed... emotionally and physically. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Anonymous12:33:00 AM

    Hey man thats cool, I can honestly say as an avid camper and fan of Hawaiian women and culture that the sooner you learn how to properly prepare spam and other formed meat products the better. As Rachael Ray way would say everything tastes great when it is made with love...

    So go make yourself a sandwich and let all the haters be haters...

    On an unrelated note, your blog makes my blog jealous... Which is funny to watch!

  2. Hear hear! I had to implement blocking as well, since it not only polluted my blog but clogged my e-mail as well. Thanks for the editorial. -- gl (Enchilada)

  3. Anonymous1:27:00 PM

    Well the reason i contacted you through the comments was because i saw that you moderated them and i didnt do it to piss you off.Nor did i expect you to publish the comment itself.

    Sorry.Wont happen again.


  4. Anonymous3:19:00 PM

    Got to agree with everything that's been said - spammers are the scourge of the current technological society, whereas a blog like yours provides a service whereby I certainly have both discovered and shared some superb music which I might well otherwise not have had the opportunity to acquaint myself with. Long live blogs like yours, and anything which stuffs the spammers is good news!

  5. BLUELIGHT - this post has nothing to do with your comment. Yours was the one about your son, right?
    This post was spurred on by the large number of comments left with links to sites that have absolutely nothing to do with music. All kinds of spam comments appear and i am very thankful for comment moderation.
    I welcome any future comments from you, Bluelight... uhhh, unless it's spam of course ;)

  6. Anonymous7:48:00 AM

    Ok Alan!

    Thanks i missunderstood everything !