January 08, 2006

*Sixeyes Sponsors

Now is the time for *Sixeyes to thanks it sponsors, the advertisers who appear on this page. Visit them, click upon their shiny boxes, big and small...

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eMusic: The ONLY digital download service I have ever used--highly recommended.

Sirius Satellite: "SIRIUS is the best satellite radio service with over 125 channels of satellite radio: 68 music radio channels with no commercials... "
The future of radio is peeking over the horizon and it's a satellite... no, siriusly.

All the good folks that magically appear in the IndieClick ad rotator beneath the *sixeyes banner. Now featuring We Are Scientists, Shovelove.com, American Apparel, Revver, and Kill Rock Stars. Music, video, and clothes... what else is there?

insound.com: "The first online music store dedicated to indie rock, pop, emo, garage, punk, noise, electronic and the essentials... "
One of two sites that got me into indie music and mp3s in the first place, which led to the site you now find yourself on... so thanks insound.

Click and visit, please and thank you.

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