January 08, 2006

M. Ward: Free MP3s

M WARD: Free MP3s

I have linked the previously posted review of M Ward's Transistor Radio below, but here is a snippet of that piece...

"I can imagine Ward adhering to the same principles that The Band's Robbie Robertson practiced when songwriting; that is to not date or fix the song in time by penning lyrics containing cultural references. Not to go on about cell phones, or just plain phones, or cars, or ovens, or computers--to stick to stories about people, not the tools and gadgets they use. This is the first step in crafting 'timeless music'... " Go here to read the rest of the *sixeyes review of Transistor Radio.

MP3s From Transistor Radio [merge 2005]
+ sweethearts on parade
+ fuel for fire
+ deep dark well
+ big boat
MP3 from Transfiguration of Vincent [merge 2003]
+ vincent o'brien
MP3 from End Of Amnesia [future farmer 2002]
+ so much water

*M Ward's albums can be downloaded at eMusic--look into eMusic's free trial offer, 50 Free Downloads with no obligations*

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