January 08, 2006

We Are Scientists :: Videos + MP3

We Are Scientists are an off the wall trio of power pop assassins frm Brooklyn. Track down their music, the debut full length, With Love and Squalor [Virgin] is out now in the UK and January 10th in the US and France. And now you can even go see them live.

>> nobody move, nobody get hurt [windows video]
>> great escape [windows video]
*you can find these videos in real format, as well, on the band's website*

+ inaction [mp3] from 2004's The Wolf's Hour EP

With Love And Squalor track list...
1Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (3:12)
2 This Scene Is Dead (3:43)
3 Inaction (2:32)
4 Can't Lose (3:31)
5 Callbacks (2:02)
6 Cash Cow (2:35)
7 It's a Hit (3:26)
8 Great Escape (3:18)
9 Textbook (4:01)
10 Lousy Reputation (2:35)
11 Worth the Wait (2:43)
12 What's the Word (5:49)

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  1. Anonymous2:37:00 AM

    great rec! these guys were fantastic at sxsw last year