February 21, 2006

Calexico's 'Garden Ruin'

Calexico's Joey Burns and John Convertino have a surprise for you on the upcoming release, Garden Ruin, April 11 on Quarterstick Records. And they save that surprise until the very end, after 10 exemplary tracks that follow, for the most part, the influences that Calexico fans have come to expect. But closing track, "All Systems Red", sees the pair, along with Paul Niehaus (pedal steel), Jacob Valenzuela (keys, trumpet, vibes), Martin Wenk (accordion, guitar, synthesizers, trumpet, vibes), and Volker Zander (upright bass), breaking new ground as Burns slowly cuts loose and howls to match the growing howl of the music. But they do take their time, this is Calexico, although they build a fantastic tension all the while. Guitars screeching feedback, the whole ensemble swelling like a storm, swirling like a desert twister (is there such a thing?)... it's one helluva way to close the album. Perhaps a signal of what's to come in the future?

*Limited Download*
+ All Systems Red

Garden Ruin Tracklist
1. Cruel
2. Yours and Mine
3. Bisbee Blue
4. Panic Open String
5. Letter to Bowie Knife
6. Roka
7. Lucky Dime
8. Smash
9. Deep Down
10. Nom De Plume
11. All Systems Red


A previous *Sixeyes post on Calexico [with mp3s] is here.

In The Reins, the collaboration Calexico did with Iron and Wine can be found on eMusic. Please visit through the link below and learn of eMusic's free trial offer.


  1. Can't wait for this one.

    Thanks for the preview!

  2. Anonymous12:05:00 PM

    calexico is the best! if you haven't yet seen them live, you really really should. seriously -- they're phenomenal. xxoo c

  3. Anonymous11:30:00 PM

    All Systems Red is definitely an amazing track! Really digging the album so far...