February 22, 2006

Sondre Lerche: New Album and MP3

Lerche's Duper Sessions is a trip into croonerville. Jazzy guitar and drums, coctail lounge piano, Lerche's effortless croon and the smoky air of a 60's bar permeate this song, "Minor Detail". Duper Sessions is a step away from his last effort, the pop-tastic Two Way Monologue, but not too broad a step away from Lerche himself, he has crooned all along, the only difference being that now the music is of the type associated with a crooner.
Duper Sessions will be released on March 21st in Canada and the US. Some European countries will see it on February 27th.

*Limited Downloads*
From Duper Sessions...
+ minor detail
From Faces Down...
+ sleep on needles
+ suffused with love

Duper Sessions Tracklist
Everyone's Rooting For You
Minor Detail
Across The Land
The Curse Of Being In Love
Dead End Mystery
Night And Day
Once In A While
The More I See You (US: Human Hands)
(You Knocked Me) Off My Feet
(I Wanna) Call It Love
I'm Not From Here
You Sure Look Swell


This release will be followed by another full length, this one recorded by Tony Hoffer, who was responsible for Belle and Sebastian's great new album, The Life Pursuit.

Stream the "Minor Detail" video

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