February 05, 2006

*SIXEYES | Destroyer 8-Track

Destroyer will be in stores on February 21st, a brand new album bulging it's pockets. That anticipated album, Destroyer's Rubies, is laced with lyrical melodies and dual edged lyrics, all presented in the talk-sing of 2002's This Night. An obvious result of Destroyer's Rubies dense word play.

Destroyer: Free MP3s

painter in your pocket - Destroyer's Rubies [release date Feb 21/06]
european oils - Destroyer's Rubies
the music lovers - Your Blues
it's gonna take an airplane - Your Blues
students carve hearts out of coal - This Night
sublimation hour - Streethawk: A Seduction
very modern dance - Streethawk: A Seduction
an actor's revenge - Notorious Lightning and Other Works

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Destroyer albums, This Night, Your Blues, Notorious Lightning and Other Works, and Streethawk: A Seduction, can be downloaded from eMusic. Destroyer's Rubies will soon be added to the site as well. Follow this link to learn about their free trial offer of 50 downloads. Or use one of the eMusic ads on this site.


  1. Anonymous7:27:00 PM

    Thanks so much; love the songs!

  2. Anonymous7:15:00 PM

    I heard "An Actor's Revenge" a year or so, but had forgotten about it until now. Thank you for reminding me about it and for posting such a variety of songs from different albums! Definitely a fan of Destroyer now.

  3. "Definitely a fan of Destroyer now" - You're welcome, glad you like the songs.