March 03, 2007

Scandinavia Comes to SXSW: MP3s

The Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and Iceland have sent many artists to entertain at previous SXSW festivals, but this year is especially good. This is a collection of all the Nordic bands and artists I could find appearing at SXSW. This is by no means all of them... although you surely can't quibble at forty-five free mp3s, can you?

And you can quite possibly find more mp3s of these artists by visiting and searching the hype machine.

David and The Citizens (Sweden - pictured above)
a heart and a hand and the love for a band
big Chill
let's not fall apart
the end
new direction
Marit Bergman (Sweden)
no party
Mammut (Iceland)
Johnossi (Sweden)
man must dance
Grand Island (Norway)
US annexed
Vincent Van Go Go (Denmark)
do you know (radio edit)
Reykjavik! (Iceland)
all those beautiful boys
moi Caprice (Denmark)
for once in your life try to fight
Rubik (Finland)
city and the streets
Sissy Wish (Norway)
IrinaBjorklund & Peter Fox (Finland)
Marit Larsen (Norway)
under the surface
The Kissaway Trail (denmark)
smother + evil = hurt
PowerSolo (Denmark)
kat nazer (powersoul)
Ane Brun (Sweden)
to let myself go
The Crash (Finland)
pony ride
Tobias Froberg (Sweden)
when the night turns cold
Funky Nashville (Denmark)
hitch a ride
Kristoffer Ragnstam (Sweden)
breakfast by the mattress
Bermuda Triangle (Norway)
it feels good
Loney, Dear (Sweden)
i am john
LAPKO (Finland)
all the best girls
i love death
i knew
Callisto (Finland)
KTU (Pohjonen, Gunn, Mastelotto) (Finland)
Bigbang (Norway)
saturn freeway
Chris Lee (Norway)
crawl back
Hera (Iceland)
don't play this
Lionheart Brothers (Norway)
hero anthem
Under Byen (Denmark)
af samme stof som stof
Astrid Swan (Finland)
rock 'n' roll blonde
Frida Hyvonen (Sweden)
you never got me right
Thomas Dybdahl (Norway)
a lovestory
The Faintest Ideas (Sweden)
you're beautiful
NOXAGT (Norway)
walls end
Bang Gang (Iceland)
find what you get
Turbonegro (Norway)
all my friends are dead
Evan Seleven (Norway)
pay to win
I Walk The Line (Finland)
when i'm gone


  1. The Faintest Ideas are a MUST SEE!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for compiling this!

  3. I feel so sad!!!! Why so far from NYC!!! I love most of the bands you have posted there. Few days ago, I went to see live in nyc El perro del Mar (Sweden), Frida Hyvonen (Finland), and Under Byen (Denmark). I recommend Under Byen, they're amazing!
    Gosh... I wish I could go :( Thank you so much for the mp3s though :)

  4. LindseyBee, liz, and johanna:

    thanks for commenting and you're all welcome.

  5. fuckoff, i learn this great language ad i will leave my coountry to come to this gloryful land, full of delicious musicinas and im am going mad cause this might take me two years or more. BUT I WILL COME! i LOOOOOVE this country!!