May 26, 2009

The National: NEW SONG "The Runaway" MP3

Last Thursday night Brooklyn's best, The National, hit the stage of Toronto's Kool Haus (let's hope they don't make that mistake again, just about any other venue would be preferable) and earlier in the day they made an appearance on CBC Radio's program Q. They were emphatic in the interview that their next album won't be called Shine, and they played a new song whose working title is "The Runaway".... with Thomas Bartlett on keyboards and their touring horn section.

There's no savin' anything
Now we're swallowin' the shine of the sun
There's no savin' anything
From the shine of the sun

But I won't be no runaway
cause I won't run
No I won't be no runaway

I tried to transcribe the entire lyric here.

Unfortunately CBC podcasts are mono and in the fantastic 64 kbps format.

the runaway [mp3]
Download the entire podcast here - it's the Monday May 25th show.


  1. God I love these and it sounds like their third album's going to be as good as the first two. I only know of two other people who have heard of them: my dad and Colin Murray from BBC Radio 1!

  2. Hey, it sounds just like satellite radio!

    I'm surprised the podcast is so low quality; the CBC Radio 3 podcasts are 128 kbit M4A on iTunes.

  3. Anonymous10:37:00 AM

    Brooklyn's best? Really?

  4. evilspoons - Q is on Radio One which broadcasts in mono in most cases, i think it depends on the city. Radio 2 and 3 are stereo.