May 30, 2013

The Mantles: 'Long Enough To Leave' MP3s

This jangly breeze of west coast (S.F./Oakland) pop is just what I need after several hours rebuilding a second story deck in my backyard. It's 28°C or 36° with the humidex (that's 82° Fahrenheit, or 97!). This is Canada fer crissakes! I felt a drop of rain earlier and looked up to see sawdust blowing down the stairs... I THOUGHT IT WAS FRICKIN' SNOW! That's when I knew it was time to quit.

Enough of my whining (or hallucinating), what you're dying to listen to is The Mantles, who look cool, sound cool, and have, without question, the coolest stain glass album cover ever. Give  "Shadow of My Step" a spin... if you can get  your monitor to spin, that is... I have a helluva time with all the wire things.

On Slumberland Records Due June 18th -  Long Enough To Leavehere's the band's facebook.

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