July 02, 2013

Gold Plated Diapers: Marmoset "MP3 Mix"

This song... it makes Sixeyes feel like he's got two eyes again. Oh, my god, it brings back all that was so mysterious, intense, moving, and undeniably physical about a piece of music that twists about your core.

This is eleven years old again... and it feels so good. And what is so f**kin' amazing is that Sixeyes gets that happiness from several of Marmoset's songs... here they are, free mp3s, in the order of happy, happy, happy.

Thank you, Marmoset.

torn cup, fly up above from the album The Record In Red (2001)
forever we ignite from the album Today It's You  (1999)
frendamine from the album The Record In Red (2001)
chinese checkers from the album HiddenForbidden  (1997)
peace in the valley from the album  Today It's You (1999)
the tuesday horn from the album  The Record In Red (2001)

(mp3s courtesy of epitonic.com)

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