June 19, 2005

PELA :: Exclusive Download!

Pela have got an exclusive limited-time mp3 called, "Operator", available from their fine, fine label, Brassland. This track shows the band can rock harder than you may have heard previously... check out my earlier post on Pela here and listen to their song, Episodes.

Currently playing close to their homebase -- pay them a visit if you're in the area...

Thu Jun 23 '05 (9pm) - Brooklyn, NY - North Six (w/ Rainer Maria, Copeland)
Sat Jul 30 '05 - Cincinnati, OH - Shake It Records (in-store)
Sat Jul 30 '05 (9:30pm) - Newport, KY - Southgate House (w/ Neva Dinova)
Also, there's a gig set for August in Brooklyn with Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Benji Cossa - so keep your eyes open for venue and date for that one.

+ operator (Rustebelt Mix)) Unreleased demo MP3
Recorded by Brad Albetta @ Monkey Boy Studios, NYC, NY. Mixed by Dave Allison and Al Sutton at Rustbelt Studios, Detroit, MI.


  1. been lurking/downloading...thought i'd say hey! I like it. thanks.

  2. hey craig - glad you like and thanks for the comment.