March 06, 2007

Download Arcade Fire's 'Neon Bible' at eMusic

Yes, the very much in demand Neon Bible by Arcade Fire can now be found at eMusic. And through the website's free trial offer you can snag it for free! You can also grab the first single from Feist's upcoming album, The Reminder, "My Moon My Man"... plus many more great indie albums. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the imminent arrival of Ted Leo's latest, Living With The Living, at eMusic, as well.

Now at eMusic:
Arcade Fire Neon Bible
Fulton Lights Fulton Lights (see the *sixeyes post on FL)
Feist "My Moon My Man" Single (3 songs)
Frightened Rabbit Sings The Greys
Beirut Pompeii (eMusic exclusive)

Arcade Fire MP3s
from Funeral
rebellion (lies)
neighbourhood #3


  1. I hope this isn't just limited to the US, 'cause I've hunted through the UK one and can't even find reference to the band, let alone their new album.

  2. well, if they aren't even on site, then I'm afraid that's likely the case.

    is the band on a different label over there?

  3. Aye, Sonovox rather than Merge.

    Ho hum, well it was a nice thought!