May 22, 2007

Worth A Listen: Basia Bulat

Basia Bulat is from London Ontario, a medium sized Canadian city not far from the small city I spent many years living in (too many). I have since escaped to what has recently been named the world's most intelligent community and sometimes I wonder if they know I'm here. But enough about my intelligence, or lack thereof, this is about Basia Bulat and why you should give her music a good listen. Today marks the European release of her debut full length album on Rough Trade Records, Oh My Darling. I've tagged her as a 'rising star' in the past and will stand by my prediction, or my fortunetelling. Basia's music is intimate and almost lush in production, the voice and instruments seeming to press up close against the speakers reaching out to you. Her debut is only available as an import, but that should change soon, for now here's some music to tide you over until you get your hands on the disc... and here's her myspace where you can listen to some more and check upcoming tour dates.

why can't it be mine [mp3]
BUY Oh My Darling [import]
Find more Basia Bulat mp3s

Track List:
1 Before i knew
2 I was a daughter
3 Little waltz
4 December
5 Snakes and ladders
6 Oh, my darling
7 Little one
8 Why can't it be mine
9 The pilgriming vine
10 La da da
11 Birds of paradise
12 A secret


  1. Anonymous10:59:00 PM

    The mp3 link is busted.

  2. You call it busted, i call it deleted. Like almost all mp3 blogs, mp3s that are hosted by me are generally deleted around two weeks after posting. If you ask (nicely) i will repost the mp3 in a new post. That's all it takes.

  3. Can you please repost the mp3? Or perhaps post the mp3 for Snakes and Ladders or The Pilgriming Vine (if you want to switch things up :) )

  4. nikki - you can find what you're looking for right here: