August 09, 2007

Hot Hot Heat: New MP3: "Let Me In"

This track is from the band's upcoming release, Happiness LTD. It has all the hallmarks of the later work from the band: catchy, nearly spunky, top grade pop, plus the unmistakable voice of Steve Bays. I like it. Not sure if it'll come close to replacing the earlier Hot Hot Heat songs I love like "Bandages", "Talk To Me, Dance With Me", and "Save Us, S.O.S.", but I'm more than willing to let it try. Wait, what's that I hear, strings? Bells? Now I'm very interested in what the rest of this album sounds like.

From Happiness LTD.
let me in [mp3]

From Make Up the Breakdown 2002
bandages [mp3]
save us, sos [mp3]

FIND MORE MP3s from Happiness LTD.

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Happiness Ltd. TRACKLIST - September 11th
1 Happiness Ltd.
2 Let Me in
3 5 Times Out of 100
4 Harmonicas & Tambourines
5 Outta Heart
6 My Best Fiend
7 Conversation
8 Give Up?
9 Good Day to Die
10 So So Cold
11 Waiting for Nothing

19 Aug Sunset Junction Silverlake, California
24 Aug Koko (Club NME) London, London and South East
25 Aug Reading Festival Reading, Midlands
26 Aug Leeds Festival Leeds
30 Aug Kings College London, London and South East
2 Sep Arena Parco Nord (Independent Days Festival) Bologna, Bologna
3 Sep Atomic Cafe Munich, Hamburg
4 Sep Lido Berlin, Berlin
22 Sep North Stadium Lot Qwest Field (Endfest 16) Seattle, Washington

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