August 26, 2007

New Wolf Parade Song

This morning I was taking a quick look at my visitor stats and saw that someone had visited sixeyes from this blog. I'd seen B(oot)log before, and remembered it as it's a fellow Canadian blog featuring mainly live recordings, and that's how I came across this mp3 of a new Wolf Parade song. Recorded at Kingston's Wolfe Island Fest this past August 11th, the sound is good, but nowhere near great, sounding like it's coming through that old TV your parents let you take to school (just so they could get it out of the house)... but it is a preview of what the band is working on.

fine young cannibals - live (working title)

Download a handful more from the show at Bootlog.
find more wolf parade mp3s at the hype machine


  1. Wolf Parade played this song when I just caught them. This track and a new one, tentatively titled "Stevie" really heated up the stage. In all we heard five new songs. The band apologized and thanked us for our patience, but they wanted to work out the new tracks and gage the crowd reaction.

    If you are interested at all in my review: This Heart's On Fire - Get Ready for the New Wolf Parade!

    Thanks Alan.

  2. that's so weird, i was just speaking with an old friend last night after years of not speaking with each other and we talked specifically about the direction Wolf Parade's taken with their newer material... since we were lucky enough to catch their first few shows ever...

    i think this track's a grower... i like the last 30 secs the best. thanks for posting it!