December 16, 2009

Jason Collett 'Rat a Tat Tat': "Love Is A Dirty Word" MP3

A new album from Toronto's Jason Collett is on the way, called Rat a Tat Tat, it will be released on March 9th 2010, but his label has seen fit to offer an mp3 off the record three months before it's release. Not sure why, but now that I ponder that question it may be to get a song out 6 weeks before the album leaks, which often is about 6 weeks before the official release date. I'm just thinking out loud, or talking out of my @$$.

"Love is A Dirty Word" is the song and I like it, no surprise there, I like much of what Collett has written and recorded as a solo artist. Listen to the song and think of the album's title, Rat a Tat Tat, I hear that in the muted bass line and even in the drums here and there. Is it the power of suggestion, or did Collett find the album title in this song? Just another of life's mysteries, I suppose.

love is a dirty word [mp3] from Rat a Tat Tat 2010

Collet recorded a session at CBC last year and included at least two songs from this upcoming record. Here he is with his band live in studio:

love is a chain [mp3] CBC Session
vanderpool vanderpool [mp3] CBC Session

Rat a Tat Tat Track List
01. Rave On Sad Songs
02. Lake Superior
03. Love Is A Dirty Word
04. Bitch City
05. High Summer
06. Cold Blue Halo
07. Love Is A Chain
08. Long May You Love
09. The Slowest Dance
10. Winnipeg Winds
11. Vanderpool Vanderpool

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