October 28, 2004

Who is the "KING of INDIE"?

I had this idea to have people vote for who is the "KING" of indie, (if it works out a "Queen" will also be selected). So, I ask you, the readers, to first nominate who you think should be crowned -"King of Indie". I'll start the ball rolling with two nominations...

John Vanderslice and Stephen Malkmus.

I'd have to go with Vanderslice, although there are some songs of Malkmus' that I like as much if not more than any by Vanderslice. But JV wins, for me, due to his overall quality output.

so let me know who you would like to nominate, use the comments or email me - sixeyesblog@hotmail.com.

I'm thinking of possibly having a ballot of six artists to choose from, so give me your nominations. thanks


  1. Anonymous7:14:00 AM

    the king of india is "George VI"
    ah ah

  2. Morrissey? Surely?

    I'm no fan...but anyway

  3. If the King of Indie should also be a relentless supporter of local indie scenes, then the honor must go to Ted Leo or Ian MacKaye.

  4. Anonymous4:11:00 PM

    Indie King and Queen? THURSTON MOORE/ KIM GORDON (tie with PJ Harvey)