March 31, 2005

John Vanderslice "Pixel Revolt"?

John Vanderslice, indie rock's musical auteur and curator of the 'nearing-museum-status', analog studio hot spot, Tiny Telephone, is now in the mixing stages of his latest studio effort. Set to be released by Barsuk on August 23rd, it will generously add 15 highly anticipated tracks to JV's already impressive body of work. I've just learned the album will be titled Pixel Revolt, here's a track listing found on his website...

1 sarah shu

2 plymouth rock
3 farewell transmission
4 high and low
5 pixel revolt
6 trance manual
7 new zealand pines
8 radiant with terror
9 continuation
10 angela
11 the kingdom
12 exodus damage
13 dead slate pacific
14 the golden gate
15 crc7173, affectionately

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to getting into this new music. Vanderslice's songs are guaranteed not to wear out or run thin on you after a few spins. Not familiar with his work? Check these out...

+ pale horse
+ they won't let me run
*both mp3s courtesy of and off of 2004's Cellar Door.

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  1. do you know if vanderslice's farewell transmission is a cover of the songs:ohia song of the same name? that would be interesting.