April 30, 2005


Brightblack's, "True Bright Blossom", opens with an organic hum that is quickly sweetened with the slowly measured vocals of members N.D. Shineywater and Rachael Hughes. The lazy countryside aura of the song, of the trio, Brightblack, pours upon and over you like warm, sparkling water.

Shineywater and Hughes (piano) handle the vocal work with third member Noah Wilson, on the drums. Brightblack's music is serene and rough hewn; these are backwoods hymnals for those who don't have a church to sit in.

Recently signed to major-league indie imprint, Matador Records, you will be hearing more from this band of rural-raised musicians.

+ true bright blossom from ala.cali.tucky

*stream their release Ala.cali.tucky here.

**brightblack website
*** Some early ND Shineywater songs...
+ alright song" from COLLECTION EP*

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