July 09, 2005

Cloud Cult

This is what I like about hunting down music online. While googling my way in search of an mp3 off of The Heavenly States July 12 release, Black Comet, I came across the label Baria Records. On their roster is the Minneapolis band,Cloud Cult. I have joined the cult. My new name is Cirrostratus or is it Cumulonimbus ... I hope they give out name tags.

Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus (June 2005)
+ Living on the Outside of Your Skin
+ Car Crash

Aurora Borealis (January 2004)
+ Breakfast With My Shadow

They Live on the Sun (July 2003)
+ Fairy Tale

*Three Cloud Cult albums can be downloaded from emusic*


  1. Anonymous12:19:00 AM

    love it! thanks..

  2. Anonymous7:43:00 PM

    the heavenly states new record came out today.. it fricking rules..better than the 1st one by far and that says a ton.

  3. Anonymous11:23:00 AM

    hey guys

    eugene from baria here - glad to see someone in the world is awake to what we are doing. You must have the best ears in the universe.
    hats off and salutations from the great down under.