July 20, 2005

John Vanderslice | Interview

Photo by Jonathan Purvis (this is my favourite pic of JV)
photo by Jonathan Purvis

The interview can be read right here in all it's glory -- you can also read it at betterPropaganda.

>>Seven Live recordings of JV can be downloaded from eMusic<<


  1. my man alan, congrats on the interview, i'm anticipating the rest of it!

    great write up too!

  2. ahh Alan, thanks to you, over the last year or so, I have learned more about John Vanderslice than most people, outside of stalkers, should know about one man...then again, that is a testament to how often (daily) I read and enjoy your blog and your dedication and admiration to an artist (which I admire). Anyway, thanks and keep up the great content.