July 03, 2005

Sundays in Spring :: 'A Net Label'

Sundays in Spring is without a doubt the most fascinating 'net label' I have stumbled across with regards to the artists presented on their roster. From Loobke (Belgian indie artist, Lobke d’Hespeel), to Mayapple Weather(Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, resident, Mark Boudreau), to Pokett (an instant favourite - and a music project by Parisian Stephane Garry) Sundays in Spring open their arms to some very distinctive and talented artists. Much of the label's music is soft and acoustic and at times bears the odd electronic flourish, with the composer's personal touch often standing stark against the usually bare bones arrangements. Very personal compositions which when they connect with the listener earn the artist a new fan.

+ walls
+ rain on
+ shining
Thomas Mery
+ shapingPlaces
the london apartments
+ teeth

*All these releases and more are available for free download off the label site or by visiting the album's archive.org page linked on the site.

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