August 08, 2005

Rademacher: 'Playing For Fun'

I mentioned the band Rademacher a while back, I had really liked their song, "They Are Always Into That". Now I get word they are wrapping up work on their latest EP, Ice Age. To be released on Greytank Records this fall, it will feature this track, "Playing For Fun". A song which finds the singer waltzing through an acoustic carnival full of tempered guitar twang, crashing cymbals, and reedy organ. Trying to weave up through it all is the very distinctive vocal of that singer, Mike M; bearing a voice that once you've heard it, you won't mistake for anyone else.

+ playing for fun

Tour Dates
8/27/2005 – Jerry’s Pizza – Bakersfield, CA – 7 PM
8/30/2005 – OFF THE AIR - The Fat Cat – Modesto, CA – 7 PM
8/31/2005 – Fort Oregon – Berkeley, CA – 8 PM
9/1/2005 – Tokyo Garden – Fresno, CA – 9:30PM
9/4/2005 – The Alibi – Arcata, CA – 10:30PM
9/5/2005 – Mattress Monday @ Tiger Bar – Portland, OR
9/6/2005 – Dante's – Portland, OR



  1. Anonymous5:05:00 PM

    I love this band! I love their jeans! I love their hair! i love their flip flops!

    Is the singer straight?

  2. Anonymous7:04:00 PM

    No he's not. Neither is the guy with the big hair I guess. But the two in the middle are dating I heard.

  3. As if anyone really needs an excuse to visit beautiful Bakersfield ;-)

  4. Anonymous7:58:00 PM

    Bakersfield is beautiful this time of year.