May 04, 2006

In The Mailbox: Music!

Yeah, I didn't know what to call this post... I think it may become a regular feature. So many CDs spill out of my mailbox that I could never review all of them, so I thought this was a way to get the word out.


Of Montreal - the Athens Ga., band offers up three recordings from the past. The Bedside Drama: a Petite Tragedy, The Bird Who Continues to Eat The Rabbit's Flower, and The Early Four Track Recordings, were all released on Kindercore Records between 1997 and 2001. All three are re-released on Polyvinyl Records.

+ just recently lost something of importance from The Bedside Drama: a Petite Tragedy
+ if i faltered slightly twice from The Bird Who Continues to Eat The Rabbit's Flower
+ dustin hoffman thinks about eating the soap from The Early Four Track Recordings


Black Heart Procession - The Spell will be revealed on May 9th. Coming out on Touch and Go Records, the music reflects the band's name, they don't often break into a run and evoke dark, shadowy rhythms laced through with vocals which drift in from the other room.

+ not just words


The Fever - A new release on Kemado Records is from The Fever, whose lead singer sounds kind of like Jerry Lee Lewis meets Nick Cave on the song, "Redhead", at least.

+ redhead
waiting for the centipede


Elf Power - Back to The Web was released April 25th on Rykodisc. Theband's seventh full length album it was written by Elf Power singer/guitarist, Andrew Reiger, who composed many of the tracks on 12 string guitar.

+ an old familiar scene


Asobi Seksu - May 30th will see the release of the NYC based quartet's second effort, Citrus. Found on Friendly Fire Recordings, it shows a stronger pop sensibility than their 2004 debut for the band whose name is Japanese slang for playful sex.

+ new years

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  1. Anonymous1:19:00 PM

    Alan, when Asobi Seksu plays in your neck of the woods (comiing up soon) be sure to check out the opening band from Detroit, Pas/ of my favorites.