August 28, 2006

Listen to *Sixeyes MP3 Blog

I have no idea how many people used the M3U and Flashplayer links I used to have in the sidebar, but I've removed them and am now going with a link to the Hype Machine. At the HM each blog has it's own page (here's *Sixeyes page) showing all their posts and on these individual pages are streaming options displayed by graphics at the top of the page. It's easy to listen via your preferred method.

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I'd like to thank those who have recently subscribed to *Sixeyes through the newly offered email subscription method. You'll find it in the sidebar. And please subscribe through your preferred RSS reader, I've made it easy to find the RSS Feed and to save to as well.

I'm trying to make this page better, so, if you have any suggestions... please feel free to holler.

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